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Welcome to Global Harvest!

We are very delighted that you have chosen to visit our website. We pray and believe that this website will minister to your needs, bless your lives and bring forth a Harvest in your realm.

We pray that the reflection of God’s love, joy and peace will fill your hearts and minds this moment. We are committed to making a presence locally and globally, by serving as a world missions and outreach Church.
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Victory in a Spirit Filled life

By Jim Joy

Quiet often we hear the words, read and hear sermons that say “Christian Life is Victory”. I have heard these words ever since I was a small boy. As I grew up and grew up to be a minister of the gospel, the only message that the Holy Spirit always wanted me to speak was about the Victory through Jesus Christ for every believer. I have been speaking on this particular subject for many years. But it was recently that the Holy Spirit led me into a deeper revelation into this aspect of Christian faith.

In this message I am not touching the basic concepts of what victory is, etc as that would become another large content message.

The Basic Concept of Victory

Let me here put the first basic statement that you need to always keep in mind ‘You cannot be victorious until you know that the enemy no longer exists’.

Jesus has defeated the devil and now we have the victory through him. Jesus defeated the devil on the cross. That is a very simple fact, that the devil has been defeated. So the devil or the enemy we know now is a defeated one. Since Jesus has defeated the enemy for you, your enemy no longer exists. This concept of the enemies non existence has to become a part of our thinking process. So we no longer should know about the enemy.. but we know only a defeated enemy.

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